Study at Anhui Xinhua University

Brief Introduction

Xinhua University

Established in 2000, Anhui Xinhua University is the first private university in Anhui Province authorized by the Ministry of Education to grant Bachelor’s degree. The university, located beside of the beautiful Dashushan National Forest Park, covers an area of 10,000,000 square meters with more than 500,000 square meters of building area. The university, with more than 23,000 enrolled students, is the largest and best private university in Anhui Province and one of the top 10 universities in China.

Now, AXHU has 62 undergraduate majors, forming a discipline system focusing on science and business and with comprehensive development of economics, literature, medicine (pharmacy), arts, and education. AXHU has a nice living and studying environment. With beautiful campus, tidy and bright classrooms, clean and warm dormitories, resourceful library, and practice and training bases, the university is an ideal place for studying and living.

AXHU actively develops foreign exchange and has established good cooperative relations with universities in UK, America, Canada, Poland, South Korea, Malaysia, etc. Many graduates chose to further their study in the countries like UK, America, Canada, Australia, and Japan. In 2018, AXHU achieved a breakthrough by enrolling international students for the first time. Currently, international students mainly come from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Russia, Uzbekistan, Botswana, and Zimbabwe.

Xinhua University

Introduction of the Xinhua Group

Xinhua Group is headquartered in Hefei, China whose businesses include education, real estate, industrial funds, eco-environmental protection, urban renewal, etc. Its subsidiaries include China Oriental Education Group, Xinhua Education Group, China Land Group, China Land Shares, Green Ecology Industry and Xinhua Oriental Group, and many other well-known enterprises. Its industrial layouts cover more than 30 provinces and cities, with over20,000 employees.

Among them, Xinhua Education Group, was founded in 1988 in Hefei, Anhui province, which is committed to China's vocational and technical education. For 35 years, it has established 201 schools and school-running centers in over 30 provinces and Hong Kong. International and domestic well-known IT companies and authoritative organizations, such as Microsoft, ITOM, Apple, CIW, Turbolinux, Adobe, Macromedia, Discreet from the US, Canada’s Corel Corporation, National Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) from India , National Information Center CEACand Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), have established extensive cooperation and formed strategic partners with the Education Group. In addition to AXHU, two well-known higher education institutes belong to the group, Hongshan College of Nanjing University of Finance and Economics and Clinical College of Anhui Medical University.

Xinhua Group has trained more than 1 million outstanding graduates for the society. At the same time, there are more than 20 Employment Offices in many cities across the country, forming a nationwide employment network for its graduates. It has established long-term agreement employment relations with more than 40,000 enterprises and institutions.

Introduction of the Hefei City

Hefei City

AXHU is located in Hefei, the capital city of Anhui Province, China. Hefei is the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone Center of China, an important national research and education base, a modern manufacturing base and an integrated transportation hub, as approved by the State Council. It is also a National Science and Technology Innovation Pilot City and a National Innovation Pilot City in China, and a member city of the World Science and Technology Cities Alliance.

Hefei enjoys advantageous geographical location and convenient transportation. Airport, highway, high-speed railway, subway, city bus and other urban transportation network are covered comprehensively. In particular, because of the construction of high-speed railway from Hefei to major cities across the country, the cost of travel time are saved, for instance Hefei to Nanjing only 40 minutes; to Shanghai, Wuhan, Changsha and other cities just over 2 hours; to Beijing more than 3 hours. Hefei's geographical advantages and well-developed transportation network make it more convenient to connect with all parts of the country.

Hefei City

Hefei is also a city rich in tourism resources. Sanhe Old Town, Bao Gong Ancestral Hall, Xiaoyaojin Park, Ocean World, Museums, Art Galleries, Celebrity Galleries, Wildlife Parks, Binhu District National Forest Park, Xiangyuan Flower World and other tourist attractions are popular with young people and have been visited many times. In addition to Hefei, other cities in Anhui province are also famous for their tourist attractions, such as Yellow Mountain and the ancient city of Huizhou in Huangshan City, as well as the famous Buddhist mountain Jiuhuashan in Chizhou City. Welcome to Anhui province.

Program Benefits of Anhui Xinhua University

Professional courses taught in Chinese and English
According to the curriculum education and needs of international students, the professional courses are taught in Chinese and English.
Zero language foundation enrollment
There is no Chinese language level requirement for enrollment, and experienced professional Chinese teachers will conduct language training.
Low cost
The cost of studying abroad is far lower than that of Europe and the United States.
Full service from school to postgraduate study/ employment
AXHU has set up Office for International Students' Affairs to provide full-service for international students in living and studying. Before graduation, the university will provide students with internship and practical learning chances. Also, the university will recommend international students to have postgraduate study in famous universities in China, such as Hefei University of Technology, Anhui Agricultural University, Anhui Jianzhu University, Jiangsu University, etc.
Beautiful campus environment, comfortable living space
Anhui Xinhua University is located at the foot of the beautiful Dashushan National Forest Park, with good environment and fresh air. The dormitory for foreign students is clean and tidy. All rooms are equipped with air-conditioning, separate toilets, hot water, laundry facilities, and a kitchen for international students.

Majors recruiting international students and main courses


1. International Economics and Trade:

Macro/microeconomics, International Economics, Econometrics, International Settlement, International Commercial Law, International Trade Practice, Foreign Trade Documents Practice

2. Civil Engineering:

Engineering Mechanics, Civil Engineering Drawing, Civil Engineering Materials, Soil Mechanics and Foundation, Basic Principles of Steel Constructer, Construction Technology and Organization of Civil Engineering, Civil Engineering Cost

3. Electric Engineering and Automation:

Digital Circuit, Automatic Control Principle, PLC and Application, Power System Analysis, Power System Relay Protection, Electrical Equipment Fault Diagnosis, Detection and Conversion

4. Computer Science and Technology:

C Language Programming Method, Digital Logic Circuit, Data Structure, Java Programming, Single Chip Microcomputer Principle and Application, Software Engineering, Microcomputer Principle and Interface Technology Other courses if students from Mongolia are interested in.

5. Other courses if students from Mongolia are interested in.

Targets students

Targets students

Recruiting outstanding senior high school graduates and those who wish to obtain a bachelor in China

Application conditions

  1. Senior high school graduates or students with equivalent degree;
  2. With an average score of C or comprehensive score of more than 75, major performance shall be assessed by major teachers.
  3. No criminal record
  4. Physical examination certificate

Scholarship & Expense

16000 RMB tuition fee for international students every year (Students from Mongolia can get 6000 RMB scholarship every year)

10000 RMB for tuition fee and accommodation fee: (for Mongolia students only)

Insurance: 800 RMB / person / year

International students from Mongolia also have the chance to win other AXHU scholarship

Schooling and certificate

Up to six years of undergraduate study.

AXHU will issue Degree Certificate and Graduation Certificate once students meeting the requirements.

Application time

Application ends in September of the year.